Peacekeeper trainings

If you have taken the NVDA full day training and are in a Sugar Shack affinity group, consider getting trained as a Peacekeeper for Sugar Shack and other actions.
Peacekeepers act as intervenors to de-escalate situations such as outside agitators, individual protesters becoming very frightened, anxious etc… keeping protesters safe from traffic, helping to support the Code of Conduct (if it is a Sugar Shack action) and generally helping  the group stay as safe as possible and focused on the goals of the action.
The Sugar Shack training team feels that folks might be a good fit for this specialized role if you:
  • have participated in at least one large action where arrests have happened (do not have to have been arrested)
  • can remain calm and vigilant
  • are a good communicator,
  • do not get flustered under pressure
  • can think on your your feet
  • any conflict resolution or conflict de-escalation experience really helpful.
It goes without saying that you must have taken either the SSA NVDA training or equivalent and be committed to non-violence.
There is no cost to the training but we will ask for donations to cover any space rental, materials and some compensation towards the trainers’ time.