Act with us!

     Sugar Shack Alliance is a direct-action organization. We are composed of affinity groups and we operate with a spoke and hub structure, i.e. each affinity group sends a representative (a spoke) to Spokes Council meetings (the hub). Sugar Shack Alliance uses a consensus decision making model.


     Affinity groups or the Spokes Council itself may make a proposal to the Spokes Council. Proposals are discussed and sent to all affinity groups for further discussion and hopefully consensus. Spokes Council meetings are only open to representatives from Sugar Shack affinity groups and are not open to non-members.


     Individuals or groups who wish to join us in our direct actions (that could include risking arrest) are invited to take our Non-Violent Direct Action training and join or form an affinity group. We welcome the public to attend our public events and trainings which will be posted on this website, on our Facebook page, and in our sister organization Climate Action Now’s e-newsletter (


     For more information about how to join or form an affinity group or to find a non-violent direct action training, please write us at