NonViolent Action Code of Conduct

1. Our attitude will be one of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.

2. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.

3. We will not harm anyone and we will not retaliate in reaction to violence.

4. We will not carry weapons.

5. We will neither be under the influence nor bring any non-prescribed drugs or alcohol.

6. We will neither bring dogs nor other animals, except for service animals.

7. During a demonstration, we will not run nor make threatening motions.

8. In case of confrontation, we will seek to de-escalate.

9. We affirm that people’s lives and safety are more important than property. We prefer to focus on creative actions that do not include property destruction. Therefore, we will not damage property unless there is an action specific proposal to do otherwise, presented at a regular Sugar Shack Alliance Spokes Council meeting. Any such proposal could only then be decided by affinity groups and working groups, using the full consensus-seeking process.

10. All participants in Sugar Shack actions intending to risk arrest will receive preparation in nonviolent direct action.

11. Those intending to risk arrest in concert with us will be members of affinity groups represented at a representative body.

12. We support a diversity of non-violent direct action including, but not limited to, civil disobedience.

13. We will uphold the code of conduct and action agreements while participating in actions with Sugar Shack Alliance.

Amended June 4, 2016